About Us

Welcome to thesmoguy.com

Who Are We

We are highly trained, experienced and Google Certified Digital Marketers who know how to grow your reach and sales using Internet.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to remove hurdles which an individual or corporation faces when he want to grow his business online.

What We Do

We make various strategies to increase your web traffic and social media and optimize it for higher conversions.

Our history

The founder of this agency was a Freelance Google Certified Digital Marketing Expert and now he is on his way to make his services accessible to a larger audience.

Our 6-D process



Discover your need for our services.



Define the problem and requirements.



Design and Plan a solution.



Develop a strategy and product plan.



Execute the plan.



Deliver the results.

Why choose us?

Highly responsive website designs with best user interface and user experience.

Get assisted by the qualified professionals.

Each strategy is formed to get the best results out of the available resources.

Our Support professionals are the one who are the job performers so they now how to handle clients problem..

Your money is in the safe hands, while doing paid advertising each penny will be used at its best.

Professionals performing the job are best at what they do, they are trained and well experienced to get the job done at time.

Have something in mind?

Give us a call or mail us and consult for free!